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This site is designed to be accessed by all staff of The Bays Group. The e-learning site has been developed to encompass all mandatory training, as well as other training that may be pertinent to your role.

The e-learning site is set up for you to access from home at anytime.

The site is divided into 2 catagories;

  • Open courses - these courses can be accessed by any Bays staff.
  • Closed Courses - these courses can only be access by staff with an Enrolment Key keyThese courses are designed for specific areas/staff and cannot be freely accessed by everyone. For entry to these courses, an enrolment key will be issued by a Moodle Administrator or course teacher when a staff member applies to the course or when a teacher/administrator invites a staff member to join the course. Only staff to whom the course applies will be allowed the enrolment key.

All mandatory competencies can now be completed online. For Manual Handling & CPR, a further practical session needs to be undertaken.

Mandatory competencies are split into the following sections:

  •  Mandatory - all staff: these competencies include Manual Handling, Emergency Response Training & Hand Hygiene. All staff at The Bays are expected to complete these annually.
  • Mandatory - department specific: these competencies are in addition to the mandatory competencies for all staff. Click on your department to see what specific annual cometencies you are required to complete.

If you have any issues with the site or it's courses, please contact;

Jenny Wain, Deb Sharp or Heidi Gettons - Clinical Education Department/Infection Control - 247

Good luck & enjoy!!



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